Pro-Clad™ Lightweight Brick Slip cladding boards are prefabricated in our factory to reduce time spent on site installing brick slips and to improve on the quality control of the brick finish.

The system has been fully tested independently at Ceram for pull off tests and high/low impact testing as well as accelerated weathering to 60 years with freeze thaw MOAT 22 Hygrothermal test. The system has been successfully used on NHBC approved house building contracts and large prestige commercial projects.

Pro-Clad™ can be used as a total or partial clad solution. On areas where brick slips need to be built adjacent to traditional brickwork, consistency of colour and finish can be maintained by ensuring bricks are collected from site, cut down in thickness before being fabricated onto the lightweight backing boards using a fully tested Epoxy resin developed specifically for this application.


Pro-Clad 1 (3-D View)

Pro-Clad 1 (Standard Panel Detail)

Pro-Clad 1 (Corner & Jamb Detail)

Pro-Clad 1 (Construction Methods)

Pro-Clad 2 (3-D View)

Pro-Clad 2 (Standard Panel Detail)

Pro-Clad 2 (Corner & Jamb Detail)

Pro-Clad Stack Bonded (3-D View)

Pro-Clad Stack Bonded (Standard Panel Detail)

Pro-Clad™ backing boards have been developed to have a low environmental impact and are Non-Combustible can be used internally or externally. The backing board incorporates a mesh layer to improve its strength and ability to withstand impact without increasing the overall panel thickness.

It is resistant to water, rodents and mould in addition to its thermal and sound insulation properties. It is easy to work with and can be cut on site using a hand-held angle grinder fitted with a diamond tipped blade with appropriate PPE. It is chemically stable and Non Hazardous.

The external finish can vary to suit designer's requirements. Materials can either be collected from site or sourced independently to include stone, bricks and other external finished including glazed tiles. Materials collected from site are cut down in thickness in our factory before being applied to the board which can be pre-cut to an interlocking pattern to avoid any additional work on site. 

Whilst the pro-clad real brick cladding system can be manufactured using any standard facing brick, we also have an extensive range of purpose made brick slips that are manufactured as a brick slip/tile for the brick cladding market. When using a manufactured brick slip, you can save on the cost of cutting a facing bricks, which generally makes the cladding system overall more cost effective. The images enclosed are for general colour selection only and we would always recommend that you receive a sample of your preferred colour choice in advance of any order placement. Click here to view the range of colors.

All the brick slips are set into a steel template or jigs that ensure exact positioning of the slips to ensure the interlocking of the panels gives the appearance of continuous brickwork with no visible seem between panels. The fixings are hidden within the joints and covered with the pointing material.

We can supply a wide range of fixings for all the different substrates that the panels can be fixed to including timber batons, aluminium cladding rails, blockwork and plywood. The fixings come with full technical support for pull off and pull through testing for each application.

The Pro-Clad™ panels can produce large areas of cladding off site as a cost effective solution to alternative methods of forming brick slips in a labour intensive and uncontrolled methods that are weather dependant. Pro-Clad can even come to site pre-pointed as a completely free of wet trade solution if required.

In addition to the Pre-Order design service and the manufacture of the panels, our service can also include a full site installation by our experienced and fully trained and accredited site operatives.


Case Studies

Exel Construction Oxford

The Main Contractor (Exel Construction) were importing an Austrian timber frame fast build system (manufactured and installed by EBS elk http://www.ebselk.co.uk/projects/chapel-street ) for student accomodation in Oxford and required a brick cladding system that enabled the tight...

APP, Wakefield

This project required a brick to match the existing and surrounding brickwork. We blended two modern bricks to achieve the weathered colour of the old masonry and fabricated the brick slips onto Pro-Clad™ boards for the high level cladding to the timber frame.

Gledhow School

A cabin building required brick slip cladding to match the main school building. 120SQM of the Pro-Clad™ Panel System was installed and pointed during the school Easter shut down in April 2012.

Sowerby Bridge

This project required stone cladding to a two-storey extension in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. The existing garage was converted and extended to the rear with an additional floor added. The new unit was clad and pointed (using the "Gun-Point" system) over three days in June 2012. The Fab-Fix...

Sunguard Coventry

Brick faced Pro-Clad™ panels where fixed to cover aluminium glazed curtain walling, a timber sub-frame was erected first and the pre-fabricated panels where fixed to the sub frame by means of a mechanical fix through the un-pointed perp and bed joints, once installed the panels where pointed...

Shepherd Construction Daventry

Our challenge in Daventry was to apply a Brick Cladding finish to a steel frame covered with insulated panels (SIPS). Over 1000 square metres of Pro-Clad™ were manufactured, installed and pointed over a three-month programme.

Rydon Construction, Crosby Row, London

The timber frame construction of this project included for steel balconies at two corners of the building which needed to be brick faced. Our proclad panels gave the project the lightweight solution that allowed this to be possible whilst retaining the visual appearance of a total brick...

Hope & Clay Construction Basingstoke

The challenge here was to brick clad a concrete access walkway. Pro-Clad™ was the product of choice given the speed of manufacture and install coupled with the flexibility to meet the demands of a sloping structure.

Christleton High School

This project had a specific blend of two imported slips to match up the existing brickwork. The panels were made using a 240 x 71mm format and were installed onto cladding rails before pointing.  

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