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Brick Arches

Brick ArchesThe customers' requirements for forming arches vary considerably and therefore so do our solutions. The traditional brick arch built on site is a time consuming and difficult task taken on only by experienced tradesman. We ensure that the finished design and quality of a building isn't compromised by ensuring... 
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Brick Lintels

Brick LintelsWhen an Architect wishes to have an exposed brick soffit either above doorways or windows, the brick needs to be either supported using masonry support system or be pre-formed onto a lintel. Our experience shows a preformed solution offers our customers a far easier and more cost effective solution... 
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ChimneysThe Fab-Lite chimney range now includes both brick slip and GRP brick-effect finish chimneys in response to demand. We have developed a standard range of products but the manufacturing methods we use allow us flexibility to give our clients a size and design that they want rather than what we have moulds or designs for. 
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Special bricks

Special BricksOur extensive knowledge of the special brick cutting market makes us an ideal choice for all your brick cutting and bonding enquiries. We offer a full range of standard and non standard to overcome those tricky situations where nothing has been ordered and a fast effective solution needs to be designed, approved and made... 
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ISO 9001

We’re pleased to announce our certification to quality standards under ISO 9001. The docume...

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