Brick Lintels

When an Architect wishes to have an exposed brick soffit either above doorways or windows, the brick needs to be either supported using masonry support system or be pre-formed onto a lintel. Our experience shows a preformed solution offers our customers a far easier and more cost effective solution.

The pre-cast brick faced concrete solution has been extremely popular with our customers in overcoming the problem of supporting masonry with exposed soffits, but we have also developed other lightweight solutions with the use of steel rather than concrete for applications where weight is an issue and in combination with our knowledge and expertise working with GRP and epoxy resins, our Fab-Steel Brick-Lite lintel has been well received for both structural elements and also for continuous runs of exposed soffits in 'hung' applications where the designer wishes to create the appearance of unsupported floating brickwork fixed to the under side of a shelf angle

Standard drawing of a Steel / Brick stretcher bond lintel

Typical Steel Backed Soldier Lintel

Typical Masonry Support "Bolt Up"

Case Studies

Accordia, Cambridge

The architect wanted to create exposed brick soffits with some lintels having bricks returned up the rear face as well. We fabricated the brickwork back to reinforced concrete lintels which were designed by our Engineers to carry the loads of outer and in same cases inner leaf masonry. The project...

Liverpool University

This project had originally be designed to have pre-cast brick faced lintels above the windows and door openings in addition to long runs of both straight and curved on plan areas of unsupported 'ribbon' exposed soffit brickwork. Our involvement via a specialist brick distributor Lancashire Brick...

Shrewsbury School

This project was to pre-manufacture a large 12m span segmental arch. It was fabricated in three pieces on structural steel beam tied back to main steel structure of the building to form a structural brick entrance arch at Shrewsbury School. Our engineer worked closely with the project Architect...

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