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The customers' requirements for forming arches vary considerably and therefore so do our solutions. The traditional brick arch built on site is a time consuming and difficult task taken on only by experienced tradesman. We ensure that the finished design and quality of a building isn't compromised by ensuring in addition to the option of providing the cutting service to create arches, we also give a wide range of prefabricated products that ensures the client receives a quality controlled product.

Brick arches can be preformed onto lightweight non structural backing or alternatively formed as part of the structural element of the building. This can be done using a number of methods including prefabrication onto concrete lintels with bricks returned onto the soffit by bonding using epoxy resins specifically designed for this application, or by Pre-casting the bricks into the concrete with a positive key between the two materials. We also manufacture other solutions including steel backed structural lintels, a super-lite solution and even a retro-fit option, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Standard Arch Options (click to open .pdf)

Case Studies

Royal Russell School, Croydon, Surrey

The extension to the existing school needed to include some of the original design features of the other surrounding buildings and prefabricated arches were used above every window and the installation of these was swift and simple allowing the brickwork programme to be completed ahead of schedule.

Henrietta Barnet School, North London

This project required arches to be cut from oversize cutting blocks to ensure that the soffit of the arches had a handmade texture to match the vertical faces. The arches were delivered to site in their own arch cases with packaging in between every segment to ensure no damage occurred to the...

Stratton Street, Westminster, London

This projects location in London meant that a preformed arch solution was a necessity. Our team assisted the contractor to design the arches to suit the adjacent buildings and sourced a suitable oversized red handmade brick to compliment the old red rubbers. The arches were designed to have tight...

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